Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegan Southwest Shells & "Cheese"

Obviously another photo I took on my iPhone.  Well, you get the idea, although it's not nearly as pretty...

Busy day and want something quick and easy? This is...and you can use it as a base and make variations to your heart's content by adding whatever veggies you want, etc.

Here's how easy:
1.Boil shells or macaroni til done. Drain.
2. While still hot, Stir in Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso til your cheesiness level is satisfactory--it will melt perfectly all over your pasta, just like real cheese.
3. Leave it at that or you can add in:
   BLACK BEANS--complements the cheesy spicy taste well and adds protein
   and/or a bit of ROTEL or regular DICED TOMATOES for more tomato taste

or whatever else you wish...and dig in!

This is still great reheated so pack up leftovers for lunch. It's also perfect for kids and seriously can't tell there is no cheese and it's super creamy and yummy.

Want it really spicy? Drop in a few jalapenos, you dare devil you.

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