Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vegan Cheese Grits...Comfort Food of the South

Yeah, we're livin' in the South...and vegans tire of oatmeal, waffles, and cereal with soy milk.  No need to be boring, y'all.  Serve up the best "cheese" grits you'll ever bite into. Seriously.

Prepare grits as per package directions. (You can get instant grits packages that are ready in 1.15 minutes if you are in a rush but still want a hot breakfast.)

Stir in desired amount of Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso (no need to heat first, even right out of the fridge, the hot grits are SO hot that it works fine with the cold vegan queso).

Then, for good measure, dollop a small amount of the gooey vegan cheesiness atop as well.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm This one will turn a person who used to say "What the heck are grits?" into a grit lovin' fool.

Click here for Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso Website

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