Friday, August 27, 2010

Football games revisited: Frito Pie with Vegan Queso

While some lovely restaurants are helping patrons to rekindle the feelings of highschool football games and low-budget comfort foods of yesteryear--but are doing so served on china plates, we took it back to the corn chip bag of the past, but then warped it into the future with healthier and more compassionate vegan queso on top, replacing the saturated fat and cholesterol etc of yesterday's cheddar.

It's still as good. Neh, it's way better, actually.

This is another vegan converter, y'all...we can get 'em to love tofu later. The veggie chili adds good protein, the queso has tons of vitamins with the nutritional yeast, and I just need to find some healthy corn chips and I'm good.

Split open a Frito bag, sideways.
On top of Fritos, spread  ladel of hot veggie chili
ladel Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso on top
optional: jalapenos and chopped onions on top of that

It's ready in a few minutes. I'll eat a salad tomorrow to balance out the corn chip intake.

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