Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vegan Texas Cheese Fries or chili cheese fries

There are a few ways to do cheese fries as a vegan. We hear the combo of Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso is unlike any other vegan cheese choice when it comes to fry heaven.  It really is smooth like cheese and, with it's hint of heat and spice and all those good green chiles and tomatoes...ahhhhhh. Enough said.

Traditionalists who never want to get the cheesiness on their dainty fingers? Nuke the vegan queso, or heat it up stovetop, and dip your cooked fries in it after transferring it to a lovely dipping bowl.

Livin' on the edge with napkins nearby? Spoon Nacho Mom's vegan queso over your hot fries. Dig in.

Feelin' feisty? Throw some hot veggie chili atop your cooked fries, then dollop on your vegan queso, then add some vegan sour cream. With this one, we do suggest a fork or your loved ones may think you unproper.

We threw some chopped green onions atop but that's for color.  Your call on the garnish.

Nacho Mom's website

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